Custom Carved Wood Signs

Custom carving signs for homes, businesses, stores, tiki bars, and more.  I can carve most anything including wildlife, pets, landscapes, company logos, etc.  I can also carve any text in most any font.  Please click on the portfolio images below for a larger view, and scroll to the bottom of this page for pricing info.  Shipping nationwide.

Tiki Bar Signs, Beach House Signs, hawaii signs, polynesian signs and Tropical Signs

FISH SIGNS, boat signs, yacht signs AND OCEAN / lake SIGNS

pet signs, dog signs and cat signs

wildlife signs, deer signs, bear signs, moose signs, elk signs, wolf signs

Farm signs, horse signs, stable signs

sign pricing

Both charts are based on same pricing structure.  One chart has pre-made templates for your convenience while the other does not.  

Request a Sign Quote

After viewing the price charts above, please email with the following:
1) Selected template (If not using our pre-made templates, please describe the basic shape of your sign – Example: square, oval, circle, etc.)
2) Approximate dimensions
3) Describe art to be custom carved.  Include image if possible (disregard if your sign is text only)
4) Your featured text to be custom carved
5) Shipping zip code for shipping estimate
6) Interior or Exterior

When your info is received, I will customize a formal quote will all details of your project.  I typically will reply within 24 hours, but if your request is urgent, please call any time.