Polynesian, Island, Tiki - Carved By Scott


Tiki Display "Hou La Mua" / “New Beginnings” - Tiki statue offers blessings and protection to sea turtle hatchlings as they begin their journey to the Pacific. Hand carved from basswood and displayed on a slab of maple burl. Approx 24” high. FOR SALE, $5000 plus shipping. SOLD  

Tiki Mug Display "Kao" - Hand carved tiki mug featuring "Kao", Kao's honu staff, pineapple and umbrella garnish, ice cubes, and plumeria.  Carved from basswood and hand painted.  Displayed on a manzanita burl slab.  Approx 18" high.  SOLD   

Sea Turtle In Motion - Basswood carved display featuring a Hawaiian sea turtle leisurely swimming through a bed of kelp / seaweed while a school of yellow tang cleans the shell.  Arranged on a slab of live edge maple burl.  Approx 26" long X 16" wide.  SOLD